As we mark International Womens Day 2018, what do we know will help us #pressforprogress?

On International Women’s Day (IWD), I am struck by the amazing amount of activity planned to mark the day, locally, pan EMEIA and even globally, both internally and externally. We also celebrate this year that it is 100 years since women over 30 achieved the right to vote alongside men in Britain. We can also see female leaders in many walks of life including the police, politics and even most recently, hosting the BAFTA’s.

8 March, 2018
Fleur Bothwick

To all you ambitious women if you do one thing in 2018 for your career – find a sponsor!

When we first started to build out the gender agenda at EY, our gender partner sponsor and I had a call with the States and asked them which one of all of their initiatives had really delivered on investment. They suggested, Career Watch, a sponsorship programme that at the time they ran for their women. We customised it for the UK and later rolled it out across EMEIA and I can say that in my 15+ years of experience in this field, if it is run correctly, it probably is the most impactful intervention that you will find.

5 March, 2018
Fleur Bothwick