It’s the 30th anniversary of Black History month in the UK so why are organisations still struggling to make real progress on this agenda?

I recently visited Bristol University with one of my sons as part of the pre university assessment process. It’s a lovely area of the UK, a friendly campus and small enough to feel like a community, but my son didn’t feel at home. He noted that the other students visiting, on the whole, looked white and didn’t reflect the inner London state secondary school he has been attending for the last six years.

25 October, 2017
Fleur Bothwick

Are You Prepared for Your Customers to See All?

From publishing Gender Pay Gaps to the Women in Finance Charter organisations in the UK are now faced with the prospect of sharing information publicly they wouldn’t usually disclose. The impact of this increased transparency can be far-reaching as it will highlight a company’s attitude towards inequality as well as their approach to addressing it for the future.

6 October, 2017
Charlotte Sweeney